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Mirr-Or-Age is Gina-Alina's second solo work.

The work is a physical performance about the pursuit of beauty that goes hand in hand with the flight from deterioration, and ultimately death. This performance has two main themes: the effects of the pursuit of beauty and youth on the female body on the one hand, and the associated fear of dying on the other. Do we gain control over life and death if we try to improve as much as possible, with a bar that seems to be rising with each generation of women? Are we improving ourselves or are we brushing up a product for the online market? These concepts are approached from the body and the camera. The body as a means and obstacle in the pursuit of perfection and the flight from death. And the camera as an interpreter of the ever higher bar in the eyes of the other, and in our own eyes.

Mirr-Or-Age dives into what beautification is doing to and for the female. Is it about covering a deficit or defective body or is it about self-expression, self-empowerment or self-care? Is it about the process of beautifying or about its product? Under what conditions can feminine beautification practices escape the workings of a designed image? 

Mirr-Or-Age is a marathon in pursuit of beauty and eternal youth.

Dramaturgy: Freek Duinhof  Light Design: Sanne Hensen Music: Gina-Alina Patilea Sound designer: Genevieve Murphy Video projection: Ilan van Vlies

Mirr-Or-Age is funded by Fonds Podiumkunsten (#Balkonscene) in co-production with Theater De Generator

Mirr-Or-age!: Project
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