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She, Practicing the Future! is Gina-Alina's first solo work as a theater maker.

The work is an attempt to (re)discover and connect with (female) bodies at work. 

Trained bodies. Accessorized bodies. Labouring bodies. Cultural bodies. 

Maternal bodies. 

Past. Present. 

How can one body prepare for an uncertain future?

Starting from her own experiences, working from her own inheritance, and using the body as a tool, she sets to uncover the ambivalence of constant preparation. If her body is a tool, what is its function, its uses and its possibilities? How can one body own its place in the world, a wide world of many bodies? What connection can she find to the bodies of those who came before her that might root her feet to the earth, give her the knowledge of the past to prepare for the future?

The work is a ritual that explores the physical process of practicing, acknowledging, critiquing and incorporating into the body what actions, modifications, tasks are needed, are wanted. It is a negotiation with present heritage in order to move forward. What is imposed from the outside and what is chosen from the inside?

Breaking things down into meticulous acts helps. Practicing mind over body and body over mind.

She, Practicing the Future!: Project
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